Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WWTK : Cleaning? What's That?


{1} Fantasy style, money is no object, if you could pick one type of help which would it be? Why?
A. maid 
B. nanny
C. personal chef
MAID - It wouldn't even be up for discussion with the Ball and Chain.  And honestly I don't think he would argue with me on this one.  Which would be a first!

{2} What is your least favorite household chore?
Cleaning bathrooms.  I don't do them. EVER! I thought a few weeks back I would give it a try.  You know with it being a new year and all.  But I only got half way done, maybe not even that far, and walked out.  They are gross, smell, and I don't pee on the seat or the rim. So why should I clean them??

{3} What is your least loathed (or favorite) household task/ daily chore?
I don't mind vacuuming.  It's really not that hard.  Turn it on and.... it goes on it's own.  I LOVE my iRobot! ;)

{4} What is your favorite cleaning supply? Do you have any magic cleaning tips to share with your readers?
Cleaning supply??  Umm...........  My cleaning tip to share with you guys??  Marry a man who enjoys to clean.  My Ball and Chain actually has a cleaning caddy.  True Story!  Yes, he is a rockstar!

{5} What is your usual housework avoidance activity?
If it's during the week, I'll make it a point to help out more at my children's school.  Or I'll say I have errands to run.  Of course then I'll get home only in time to get ready for work.  If it's the weekend, PINTEREST!! Horrible obsession at the moment!  LOL

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