Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Skulls, Pumpkins, Oh MY!

I have a beautiful mantel above my fireplace and for some odd reason I have absolutely nothing on it. So I got to thinking  (i know scary!) what are some key elements to Halloween? Skulls and pumpkins were the first to come to mind. Then I thought (yes, that would be 2 thoughts in one day. OVERLOAD) what says super cute Halloween decor more then glitter? Um, nothing! Glitter it is!!


I recommend working over a cookie sheet for this project. I also lined my cookie sheet with foil so when it was time to pour the extra glitter back into the container it was easier. Wax paper would probably work better but I was all out.

All you need to do is use a paint brush and coat the skull with glue. Make sure you work in small sections so the glue doesn’t dry out before getting covered with glitter. If you notice a spot lacking glitter, just recoat that area with glue and then re-glitter. Tap the object a few times once it’s dry to knock off any extra glitter. Then pour left over glitter back into your container. And now your done!

P9040168P9040169 Pictures 1601

Throw some color on the pumpkins and you get these…

Pictures 1602

I was able to find the skulls at the Dollar Tree and the pumpkins came from Joann’s. They were apart of the “8 Harvest Mix” bagged decor. I lucked out with them being 50% off plus another 30% off because one was chipped. Coming to .25 a pumpkin. I’m no genus but that’s cheaper then the Dollar Tree! :)

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