Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday

Never in a million years did I think in 2003 I would fall madly in love with this man. But it happened, and has continued happening every day of each week since he told me he loved me. The transformation he has gone through in becoming a husband and father has shocked me in more ways than I ever thought possible. At times, the love I have for him is overwhelming. He is not just my husband and best friend, but the other half of my heart and lungs. I owe him the world for giving me the love I thought I would never find.

Our relationship has never been a cookie cutter storybook fairytale. We've done things backwards, there have been "disagreements", and hard times. But when the day is over and we turn the bed sheets back it's been our fairytale. A fairytale that's celebrating 7 years of marriage this weekend, 3 healthy and beautiful children, and more love and laughter then most marriages experience in a lifetime.

My prince charming might not have ridden up on a white horse or wears a suit every day. But let’s be real, there is only one reason why a man needs to wear a tie and it doesn't involve being worn around his neck. ;)

Happy Friday!

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