Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1 Year Ago Today…

1 year ago today, I was 34 weeks pregnant. 1 year ago today, I woke up excited it was my first day of maternity leave. 1 year ago today I had lots to do before baby girls shower the coming up weekend. 1 year ago today, I couldn’t figure out why it felt like I kept peeing my pants (sorry tmi). 1 year ago today, I drove myself to labor and delivery because my mother wouldn’t let me run errands with my water broken. 1 year ago today, I ran laps around the labor and delivery floor at South Sac Kaiser trying to make my contractions start. 1 year ago today, I was once again hooked up to Pitocin because I wouldn’t dilate past 3cm. 1 year ago today, I watched my husband beg me to get an epidural but I refused because I was going to do it this time! 1 year ago today, instead of my labor room being a party like the other two times it became chaotic and within minutes I was rushed to ER. 1 year ago today; Adam, myself, and every other family member and friend who was present were scared shitless. 1 year ago today, there was blood loss and tears shed. 1 year ago today, Adam almost fainted twice. BUT 1 year ago today, angels in Heaven were watching over us. 1 year ago today, our hearts were (and still are) filled with more love then words can ever explain. 1 year ago today, the Lord reached down and blessed our family. 1 year ago today, our family was completed (85% sure of that one). 1 year ago today, our baby girl; Taylor Jordan came to be!

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  1. I love how you wrote that... has it really been a year? We haven't been home in sooooo long!

  2. What a beautiful baby girl. A long distance reader from Portland, Or.
    and a friend of The West family.
    Love the blog.

  3. MAZEL TOV !!
    What a wonderful story for your daughter to read when she grows up!!