Tuesday, November 3, 2009


If you read my blog about Mason’s first field trip to Fairytale Town then you would know how I feel about them. But this field trip was different, I just couldn't miss it! And I know what your thinking, but it had nothing to do with it being at a firehouse with hot fireman walking all around. My decision to go was completely based on the fact it was Cody’s first field trip and he LOVES fire trucks. I swear!!

I was very surprised how well-behaved all the kids were during their trip. Cody's class is made up of 3 year olds, so for them to sit and listen about fire detectors I was amazed. It was pretty cute when they were asked what you should do if you hear a fire detector go off and a few of them put their hands over their ears. I'm proud to tell you the fire detectors in our home are not used to signal us that dinner is ready.

Even though I went on the same field trip last year with mason, it was fun to watch how excited Cody got. He had a blast climbing up into the fire engine and talking to all the firemen. The whole time he couldn't stop telling them he was going to be a fireman for Halloween. I'm going to bet he'll actually be a fireman when he grows up.

Thank you Station 71 for putting a smile on my sons face for the day. And I suppose mine too. ;)

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