Friday, September 18, 2009

Fairytale Town is not so fairy…

Oh crap! Was the first thing that went through my head today when I meet up with Mason’s kindergarten class at Fairytale Town. When I signed up a month ago as a parent helper I was thinking it would be fun to tag along since it was his first "big kids: field trip. And the fact he was riding a school bus was a little nerve racking for me. Fun? Yeah, not so much!

Not only was there our school bus load of 3 kindergarten classes with 20 students in each, but there was at least another 5 busses full of kids. What was Fairytale Town thinking? Yeah, they are probably hurting for money, but come on! Couldn’t they split up the days? Then to make matters worse, they didn’t have enough staff on hand to collect the monies from all the different teachers. Shouldn’t this have been done beforehand? It was absolute chaos. At one point I honestly thought the kids were going to take over, they were trying to break down the iron fence!

IMG_6588 IMG_6591

Let’s just say things didn’t get much better once we were inside. It reminded me of Disneyland during summer vacation, PACKED. Out of all the times I’ve been to Fairytale Town (and I've been to Fairytale Town), there has never been a line to go down any of the slides. Kids were running all over the place, people falling, and parents yelling to slow down. Once it was time to leave most of the kids were breaking down because they were hungry. Some (yes my kid was involved) even started chanting “EAT EAT EAT” while their teacher was taking pictures in the castle. Um... LOUD!!

IMG_6601 IMG_6621

I can say there was one (and only one) time on this field trip I did really enjoy, and that was lunch time. Those kids were so quite I think I may have heard a cricket or two. :)


So, what I learned on my first field trip experience is: Mason can ride the bus anytime he wants, there will be NO birthday parties in the castle at Fairytale Town nor will I (meaning Adam will have to go) be attending any birthday parties in the castle (cough cough), and always pack a flask to help keep me sane (teasing other parents with this flask will also be fun).

It's good to know I can learn something new everyday! :)

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