Friday, September 11, 2009

I welcome myself to the blog world!

For the past few years I have wanted to start a blog but life has always seemed to get in the way. But now that life has settled down some (I say that with sarcasm in my voice because with 3 busy toddlers life never slows down) there is no better time but now. I do not know where this blog will lead but what I do know is this: it will include my kids, family, friends, and myself, there may be some ranting and raving about topics that are bothering me (I will NOT complain about my life, that crap bugs me) perhaps a recipe or two, maybe a fun craft idea for the holidays, and such. I also know I am not a writer and spell check has become my best friend even though I wish it picked up on the incorrect usage of some words, I LOVE to use comma’s, and there are times in everyday life a swear word or two has helped get a point across. I know at some point I will offend someone or even multiple people. Anything and everything I write is just my opinion, it does not mean it's right; even though I think it is. :) I believe the number one reason anyone would be become offended by me is because it’s not what they believe. And that is ok. So here is the one and only time I will apologize, “I apologize in advance if I offend/ed you... but get over it.” Happy reading!

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