Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Next to St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, and Christmas4th of July is my favorite holiday. You may think that’s a lot, but if you really think about it, that’s only one per season. ;) Here’s a glimpse of our super fun filled weekend with great friends and family!

Saturday, July 3rd…                                                                                Run 4 Independence 10K:Pictures 346Pictures 347 Dinner and fireworks at Nana’s:Pictures 352   Pictures 355







Pictures 360

Pictures 361Pictures 376Pictures 384Pictures 372Pictures 388Pictures 396Pictures 401Pictures 418Pictures 419

Sunday, July 4th…                                                                                   Pool party and EG firework show:My Pictures

My Pictures

Monday, July 5th…                                                                               Water slide fun and lunch with are buddies:

Pictures 547

Pictures 548 Pictures 549 Pictures 555Pictures 554  Pictures 556 Pictures 557 Pictures 561 Pictures 562 Pictures 564Pictures 565Pictures 568


  1. What a fun weekend! That water slide looks like a blast!!!

  2. The water slide is the best! My inlaws found it at RC Willey's on sale from $300 to $60. It has kept the kids busy all week! :)