Monday, August 9, 2010

“Psycho” meets “The Shining”

When it comes to hotels I have a pretty laid back attitude. I mean, all you really need is a place to shower and lay your head for the few hours of sleep you’ll be getting. But with this laid back attitude and the not knowing what a hotel truly looks like when booking online, comes Black Jack Inn. Hands down, this is the WORST hotel I have ever stayed in. It honestly was so bad, that it was funny. The best way to describe this hotel would be, “Psycho meets “The Shining.” Another way would be by the wonderful pictures I took. Hope you enjoy them more then we enjoyed our stay. LOL :)

The front of our “suite”:Pictures 633The AC unit that did not work:Pictures 637Thank goodness it wasn’t winter!:Pictures 638   Size doesn’t matter, Right?:Pictures 648The bathroom door that didn’t open all the way:Pictures 653Don’t be jealous of the dry rot and half opening shower door:Pictures 643Pictures 644Do be jealous of our PAPER bath mat, though: Pictures 642But to make it all better……









They do give you a dose of Penicillin:Pictures 649Pictures 650

Enjoy your stay!!

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  1. Oh, so gross. I was thinking this looked like some of the places in Tahoe before I clicked to see where it was. NASTY!!!!! I'm not picky either, but that looked like too much!