Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Once Again…

Once again life got crazy busy these past few weeks and my blogging had to be put on hold. Which by the way, made me a little sad because I missed my 1 year blogging Anniversary. I truly can’t believe I have already been blogging for a whole year! Well, now it’s more like a year and 11 days. But who’s counting? ;)

When I first started blogging I didn’t really have a direction where I wanted to take this and it still seems I don’t have a complete direction. But that’s ok. I’m pretty scattered brain in my everyday life so I guess it’s only fitting to be a little all over the place here in blog world. The only thing I knew when I started blogging, was that my life was taking a change and there was no better time to begin something that I had always wanted to do but then.

You know what? I’ll take that whole direction crap back, my blog does have direction… the same crazy direction that takes me threw everyday life. The everyday life that I cherish and am so happy to have!

I guess that was my 1 year whoop whoop to myself. LOL. Stay tuned and I’ll fill you in on all our adventures and craziness soon. :)

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