Friday, February 18, 2011

The Little Things

There are days this man can drive me crazy, but then there are days he does something so small that makes me smile. Last night was one of those moments. He reminded me why I'm so thankful to have him in my life.

I had won a free $50 gift card and before choosing which one to get I asked him. Target, Walmart, Old Navy, or Kohls. I asked if I should be realistic or selfish. His answer... "selfish for once."

Just those 3 little words made me realize, even though he doesn't knowledge all that I do on a daily bais; he does still see it. It's nice at time's to be reminded how much you are appericated in a relationship. A price tag doesn't show love, but the little things do. I am sure lucky to have been blessed with such a wonderful husband!

Oh... I choose Kohl's. I'm in much need of some summer clothes. :)


  1. So, which one did you choose? :) I would have picked Target!

  2. It was a toss up between Target and Kohl's. In the end Kohl's won. :) I really need some new summer clothes and thanks to my 3 little ones, Target shorts don't fit my hips anymore. LOL