Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cody, what happened to your ear?

It finally happened. Our first trip to the ER with one of our children. I just knew Cody would be our first child having us make the trip and of course I was right. DUH! When I got to the ER I asked him what had happened (i was at work when i got the call from adam) and this is what he told me….

Me: Cody, what in the world happened to your ear?

Cody: Nothing. It’s just bleeding.

Me: You must have done something to make it bleed.

Cody: No, Tay Tay did it. (fyi, baby girl was napping)

Then there was this…

Me: Cody, how did your ear open up like that?

Cody: I don’t know.

Me: What do you mean you don’t know? You have a hole in your ear.

Cody: I just don’t know.

Of course there was this one…

Me: Cody, please tell me what happened.

Cody: I was feeding Tigger.

Me: Daddy said you were in your room. Bubba found you there.

Cody: I was feeding Tigger on my dresser.

Me: Why were you feeding Tigger on your dresser?

Cody: Cause he was hungry.

Me: Ok, so what happened to your ear?

Cody: I don’t think I know. ~long pause~ Tigger did it!

BUT, here is the best one…

Me: Cody, I really need to know what happened before the doctors come in.

Cody: A stranger did it.

Me: Where did the stranger come from?

Cody: The strangers house. ~UGH, smartass~

Me: How did he get into our house?

Cody: He came down through my window.

Me: But, how did you get the whole in your ear?

Cody: The stranger cut me with his knife. Then I took the knife and poked him in the belly. He died.

Me: If there was really a stranger, and if he died, where is he’s body?

Cody: I put him in the trash can and locked it up. Don’t worry mom he won’t get out. It won’t happen again.

Me: ~sigh~ Good to know. ~headshake~

And there you have it! An hour in the ER and we still don’t know what really happened. I’m starting to think he’s going to be the next Stephen King.   

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  1. Your ER trips are MUCH more exciting than mine. Haha. At least you got a good story (or lots of good stories) out of it.
    I go to the ER and my kids give the doc a play by play of the entire event. Now I have to write a report!!! :)

  2. Boy what an imagination he has. By the way what it Tigger? Is it a hampster or guinea pig. That is way fun but hope his ear is okay

  3. Your dad told me abou the stranger story, what a creative mind he has!! Happy Mother's Day!! Love ya cous!

  4. Did you ever find out what really happened?