Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ladybug Party

It’s amazing how much time and energy (lets not forget money) goes into planning a party and how quickly it is over. Taylor’s 2nd birthday party came and went in a blink of an eye! So fast I even forgot to blog about it! I maybe almost a month late but it’s better to be late then never. :)

The Birthday Girl: Pictures2

The Invites: Pictures 1649 Pictures 1651







The Decor: Pictures 1817Pictures 1860Pictures 1818Pictures 1819Pictures 1867

The Desserts: Pictures 1824Pictures 1822

The Goodie Bags: Pictures 1820Pictures 1815 

~ I did my best to keep the food as simple as possible this year; meat and cheese tray, veggies, fruit, dips, etc. For the little kids I made ladybug shaped pb&j’s with a cookie cutter I ordered on EBay. Taylor’s cake and cupcakes were made by my wonderful cousin, Jamie. I purchased the cupcake toppers from a very cute shop, The invitation Chic, on EBay. I made the little girls ladybug goodie bags using Dana’s tutorial over at MADE. I forgot to take a picture, but the boys got a cup full of “mud” as their goodie bag. Which of course was pudding, smashed Oreo’s, and gummy worms in a cup. And for the adults, candy mold ladybug thank you’s. Taylor’s “Love Bug” shirt is from my girlfriends shop, Classy Bowtique. I got her hat from Mamabargains, and it’s made by Lollitops. I made her tutu and sparkly toe Converse’s. Oh, and her invitations. :) Until next year…

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