Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 on 10 ~ March 2011

Ten on Ten: 10 snapshots, 10 consecutive hours, on the 10th day of the month!

Other then 3 little smiling faces, this is the only way to start a morning.

Don't EVER ask a 2 year old if they need help getting dressed! At least not mine, anyways.

Only 2 tantrums and 30 minutes later...

What was I thinking going down the shoe aisle?

"Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog. Now we got ears, it's time for cheers."

Blessed to have these little boogers in my life!

Lunch time: Mac and cheese, asparagus, and pears. Yum!

6 hours later my family will have a yummy dinner and I'll be at work wishing I could be at home. :(

HYDRATE! 2 days till Shamrock'n Half.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Your "little boogers" have the cutest cheeks!!

  2. Letting your Taylor dress herself, 30 minutes and 2 tantrums later sounds just like my house! ;) I love your blog!

  3. So cute! You're right - don't mess with a two-year-old getting dressed!

  4. don't even GET me started on letting Claire dress herself...oh my word! Her and Taylor would get along JUST fine :)

  5. so cute your kids are adorable - thanks for joining in this month!

  6. I loved your photos!
    What a beautiful family!!!

    If you wanna see mine, go to

    Hoping you like and comment it!

    Mirys (from Brazil)

  7. I know that Hot Dog song! I love the shot of them dancing. Crockpots are awesome, aren't they?!

  8. Thanks for your comment, your family is beautiful as well. Were you as happy as I was to get a girl after the two boys? Darling children you have!

    Getting dressed themselves, always a joke, but quite funny to watch!