Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What A Day!

Why is it when I have my day perfectly planned all hell breaks loose? And by "all hell" I mean my family. :p

So last night while I was at work I get a call from my husband telling me our house (we are almost done with a VERY LONG refi) is getting appraised between 9:30/10:00 the next day. Awesome, there goes my plans to run in the morning and now cleaning when I get home from work instead of working on a birthday present. Then my BCF (best cousins forever) texts me that I'm wrong on my dates and the JBF drop off is actually Wednesday (today) and not Thursday. Even better! Now I get to clean, finish tagging items, and work on a birthday present after getting home from work at midnight!

I'm not trying to complain because my days are pretty much always like this. Run, run. Go, go. All before 2pm when I leave for work. But the story doesn't stop there. Taylor wakes up this morning with a fever and is cranky; telling me her ear hurts. Not only do I have 2 school drop offs, 1 pick up, an appraiser coming over; load my car with all the JBF sale items, and JBF drop off. Now I have a sick kid who needs to go to the doctors on top of all that. PULLING MY HAIR OUT!

You would think it couldn't get any worse, but you're wrong. Here's the kicker... So while I am dropping my JBF things off, my mother in-law is watching my 2 younger ones (thank you deena) and Taylor gets super tired. Naturally she lays her down for a rest. I get back and go to wake her for the appointment and of course, she has had an accident! My first thought, not a problem. My mother in-law loves to shop, she'll have something. I really need to stop thinking...

Yes, that would be my daughter in Spiderman undies standing outside of the hospital with no pants. Because that's all we had! Today was the first time I was actually happy we still go to a hospital that isn't in such a great neighborhood. We fit right in today!


  1. Thats fantastic, the undies, not the rest ;)
    I wouldve taken a pic too haha.

    Love knowing Im not the only one running around with my head cut off each day!!!!! Hope she gets better soon!

  2. Bwahahahahaha I am so glad it happened to you and not me!! ;-p
    But I really empathize and hope it never happens again. Unless it does and you get more fun pictures to post :D