Monday, June 14, 2010

One of “those” days…

Today has been one of THOSE days!! Our day started out great with everyone sleeping in and waking up in good moods. But all that took a sudden change over breakfast, in a snap of a finger my children went from fun loving kids to hellions! All I wanted to do was get them out of the house to meet friends at the park before swim lessons. And even though I know I should’ve just kept them home for the non stop bickering and not listening, I just needed a break. Of course that didn’t happen! It all carried into the car ride to the park, which led to pouting kids (because I refused to answer either one of them in the car) wanting to sit next to me on the park bench. Really?? GO PLAY! LET MOMMY BREATH!

Then there was meltdown central with Taylor . How do you make an almost 2 year old happy when they don’t even know what they want? Up. Down. Swing. No swing. Sit. Stand. Stroller. No stroller. MINE. MINE. MINE! I don’t remember the boys ever being this emotional. What have I gotten myself into?

I truly thought about stopping at the strawberry stand on our way home from swim lessons and asking if I could trade all 3 of my children for a flat of fresh strawberries. It could have been a win-win situation, free labor for them and silence for me (plus the strawberries). Thankfully I remembered this photo and it was enough to give me the strength not to stop (and the fact I was leaving for work shortly). Tomorrow WILL be a better day!

Pictures 088


  1. I feel for ya! We have plenty of those days here too! And I send mine off to daycare during the day while I work. :)
    Those faces are too perfect to trade for strawberries though!!!

  2. I could have written this post last week! Actually, I could probably write this post once a week! Here's to a better day tomorrow! :)