Friday, June 4, 2010

Teacher Goody Box

I would LOVE to take credit for this super cute and fun idea, but I can’t. Jennifer from Eighteen25 posted this clever idea for teacher appreciation week back in April and with it being the end of the school year, I decided to putting it to use. Thanks Jen! :)

Step 1: Get yourself a craft box (I got mine at Walmart since that’s where I was shopping at the time. It was $2)Pictures 040Step 2: Purchase office supplies (I also got these at Walmart. DUH, same shopping trip)Mason picked these because they looked like his school colors. You could totally get cheaper ones. I think Staples even has them in a dollar section.Pictures 038Step 3: Pick out 3 pieces of paper from your scrap box or head over to your local paper store.

Step 4: I didn’t take a photo of this step so if I don’t explain it well enough, check out Jennifer's post. All you need to do is take your top paper and trace the outline of the lid onto and cut it out. Next cut a strip from your 2nd paper. And then outline the bottom of the lid on your 3rd piece of paper and cut out. You can make these any width size you choose. Glue the 3 pieces of paper together. BUT do NOT glue them to the lid!Pictures 044Step 5: Decorate the lid with your teachers name.Pictures 013Step 6: Fill the craft box with all your goodies. I threw in some chocolate candies. Pictures 016Step 7: Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the craft box and tie in a bow. Once you do this… wrap it around the box and tie into a bow. :)Pictures 018Step 8: Now glue your paper over the ribbon. You are finished!Pictures 019

Mason and Ms.Clausen on the last day of Kindergarten:Pictures 022

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