Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Photos

Anybody who has children knows how HORRIBLE holiday photos can be. I personally cringe whenever I say those two words in the same sentence. What throws me through a loop, is my children will take the best picture when they are in the scrubbiest clothes and dirt all over their face. But when I actually want to take a good picture of them, all hell breaks loose.

This year was no expectation. Mason decided to test out his “fake” smile in pretty much all the photos. Cody wanted to see every picture after it was taken. And Baby Girl was not happy because the photographer wanted someone to holder her the whole time.

So what makes this photo session the topper of all toppers? My mother wanted to also take pictures. Which meant my family photos that included: all of us, the kids, and just Baby Girl. Then my mom wanted to take a family picture with us, a family picture with my grandparents, a photo of her and the kids, PLUS a 4th generation picture. Needless to say…. Two hours later, 3 VERY hungry kids, 1 exhausted photographer, and me dripping in sweat; we were done!

I hope you enjoy our family photos. Because I sure in the hell did not enjoy taking them. I do love looking at them though! Merry Christmas!

45070012_012 45070014_014

45070001_00145070015_015 45070003_003

45070006_006 45070008_008


  1. I think the pictures are great!!! You have such a beautiful family. And I know what you mean about Christmas pictures...I ONLY do the kids in them. and I make Chris do one whole family photo every summer. I LOVE it, but it's torture for everyone else!

  2. WEll, for all the pain the photos came out great! I actually just told my hubby today that unless our bebe girl asks....she never has to pose with pics, well she will have to do those :)

  3. the santa photos are the hilarious ones!! it's funny how scared little kids are of santa, but they love him in books or the presents under the tree. :)