Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tinker Bell

I recently made this for my niece Charley for her 4th birthday. I figured it was only fitting since she is in LOVE with Tinker Bell.

Picture 172

The first few tie fleece blankets I made were the “no sew” style. Basically all I had to do was cut the strips around the outside and tie the two pieces together. SIMPLY! For this blanket I decided to sew the pieces together before cutting. Since I sewed them together, I had to watch while I was cutting my strips to make sure I didn’t cut into my stitch. I wanted to sew it this time 1.) because I wanted to practice using my machine, and 2.) I wouldn’t worry that it would fall apart while she was playing with it, or 3.) come undone in the wash. After seeing the finished product, I'll be sewing them for now on! Still super simply, but to me it looks a lot nicer and has a polished look to it.


  1. Awesome job! Let's have a sewing party - I love to sew!

  2. Really great! I wish I was good at sewing. I think it takes a lot of patience. I'm not sure if I have any patience to spare right now. lol Anyway, I've enjoyed your blog. You have a lovely family and you are VERY creative.