Friday, December 18, 2009

Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy visited our home for the first time over the weekend. After a couple of weeks of Mason wiggling his little front tooth, it finally came free. Waking up to his toothless smile gave me mixed emotions. On one hand my heart sank because it’s a reminder that my “little” boy is growing up (way to fast). And on the other hand all I could do was smile (it was to early to laugh) because it was so darn cute. I wish I had my camera by the bed so I could have taken a picture of his new toothless smile holding what the Tooth Fairy left. WAIT A MINUTE! When did the Tooth Fairy start leaving $2? She never left me $2! I remember getting quarters and maybe a dollar when I got older. What the heck is she going to leave when he’s 10? I’m glad the recession isn’t hurting her, perhaps I need to start pulling my teeth out. I wonder what she would give me?


  1. Haven't you seen Santa Claus 2..The tooth fairy is a man not a woman :)

  2. serious? i'll have to add ti to my blockbuster list. :)

  3. Did he cry? BTW, I just realized that Mason totally has your breezies!!!! LOL