Monday, January 4, 2010

4 Christmases

1 day, 2 exhausted parents, 3 cranky kids, and 4 Christmases = MADNESS! And to be quite honest, I think I'm over it. Growing up, Christmas was about spending time with family and playing with our new toys. Not rushing from house to house with a trunk full of unopened toys and dinner on a to-go plate sitting in my lap. We spend more time in our car Christmas Day then we do laughing with our family members. When did this all change? And why? I vow to myself and to my family, Christmas 2010 will be different. For Christmas 2010, I will enjoy a sit down meal with my family and not worry about getting ingestion because I ate to fast. I will enjoy the smile that lights up my child’s face when they are playing with their new toys. But most of all, I will watch my children play with their cousins. Knowing the bond they build between them now is a bond they will have in 20 years. Teaching them that family means everything.

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