Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekend Getaway


Tomorrow at noon our bags will be packed, the car loaded with chains in the trunk, kids dropped off with family, and the ice chest full of BEER food. Yes, we are going away for the WHOLE weekend! A weekend that is far over due! But when you have 3 kids, work, house, school, sports, life, etc… a weekend away is always long over due. This weekend especially. With the stress from the short sale of our first home to us purchasing our new home; life has been one big ball of stress this past year (to say the least).

I know there are some people out there that think its wrong for me to leave my children for a weekend. Or wonder how I can do it. Here’s how: I pack their things, I drop them off, I get in the car, I drive away, and I come back two days later rejuvenated. Very simple. You may think that’s mean, but let’s be honest, mean is Nebraska’s safe haven statute. I leave my children with loving family, I check in on them throughout the two days, and I come back. I am no where near mean.

Going away on a mini vacation with my husband is not an awful thing. It’s also not wrong if I go away with just girlfriends. I’m a firm believer in breaks, adult time outs if you may. They are needed to keep our sanity. If not, I would become a full blown alcoholic. Really. It’s a way to reflect, regroup, and reconnect. But most of all… BREATH. Parents don’t breath anymore, they scream.

This weekend is going to be amazing (even if there is a storm and the drive will take us HOURS)! A weekend to spend quality time with my best friend (aka husband), hang out with awesome friends that we haven’t seen in a really long time (minus one, which makes me bummed), sleep, eat, and drink WHATEVER is in sight. It’s exactly what the Doctor ordered!


  1. I totally think that breaks away are the ONLY way to save sanity! With work, school, the three kids, and their activities...Chris and i always take some time to get away. At least once a year we do a mini-weekend getaway. Last year we went twice! Do not let anyone tell you that it is mean or cruel or crazy. It truly does make you a better wife and mother! - atleast I know it helps me!

  2. Ok.. I am green with envy. Good for you to get away. It is necessary to fill your tank that way and to have grown up time with the husband. It is humane... not bad. Humane because you come back a better person, ready to serve your family. Go. Have a beverage. Have fun.

  3. Have FUN!!! I love tahoe, it is my happy place! (we must live near each other) The snow is going to be awesome this weekend! We are hoping to head up next weekend! Have a wonderful time with your husband & friends!