Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekly List

Once upon a time, long, long ago I made lists. I would make a grocery list, weekly to do list, honey do list, house project list, list, list, and more lists. Now I make nothing, now I feel like I never get anything accomplished. So now, I’m going to start making my lists again. Post-it’s will once again be my friend! Here’s my to do list for the week of 1/11 – 1/17:

  • Call Laguna's Awesome Party Palace and schedule the boys Bday party
  • Start the boys Bday invitations
  • Play date with Ryan
  • Watch the Sumner girls
  • Baseball registration
  • Turn in preschool form
  • GST 2x
  • Run 3x
  • Lunch date with Marissa
  • Moms Bday night
  • Ryan’s Bday party
  • Finish Tawny’s baby shower gift
  • Work on Baby Girls rag blanket
  • Clean car

Of course this list includes all the typical stuff: laundry, dishes, dinner, clean, grocery shop, pay bills, take to school, etc….


  1. I LOVE lists. It's the only way I can get anything done.
    Right now, my list looks like this:
    Buy tickets for Arenacross race
    Map out parking for DC trip Saturday
    Finish shopping for Chris' Afghanistan trip
    Figure out Cavin's birthday party
    Buy Cavin's school supplies
    Order Cavin's uniforms
    And so on...and that's just today and tomorrow. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Oh...I'm coming into town in April with Jacie. She will be almost 2 so she still flies for free. YAY! I will only be there for a couple days but would LOVE to meet up!

  2. I love lists too. Have to do them to keep my life sane and organized. Although you have ALOT more on your lists that I do!!

  3. jamie, when it gets closer to april let me know the dates it would be great to meet up!

    aly, don't be jealous i have more on my list. i have 2 more kids then you! :) just wait till your next one comes along. lol