Thursday, January 7, 2010

Top Ten Goals for 2010

Rather then making a New Years Resolution for myself each year, I make goals. I make myself a top ten list of reasonable objectives and go from there. This way I don’t promise or pledge to do something that I most likely will not achieve. Unless each year my New Years Resolution is the same; be 100% devoted to my children and husband. But how obvious is that? And boring? :)

Top Ten Goals for 2010 (listed in descending importance):

10. Wash my car inside and out every two weeks.

9. Eat less, drink more (water, DUH).

8. Eat out less on the weekends.

7. Keep my online shopping to a minimum (i’m already telling you this will be my HARDEST goal).

6. Get and STAY organized.

5. Finish at least one half-marathon in 2.50, that would be a 13min pace. An overall improvement of 20 mins from my last half-marathon.

4. Count to 10, slowly, before raising my voice at my children.

3. SLOW DOWN! (this will be my second hardest).

2. Spend more quality time with my family.

1. Be happy! “Happy feelings will attract more happy circumstances.” – The Secret


  1. I love these goals. Alot of them are the same for me. :-)

  2. Love these. Great goals. I should add your #10 to my list. Seriously, my Tahoe is SCARY right now!