Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holiday Weekend

What a good weekend! Started out with an awesome (beside the damn over-pass 2x) run Saturday morning, a kick ass football game by the New Orleans Saints in the afternoon, followed by PBR Saturday night with Krazy Karen to celebrate her birthday. Krazy Karen would be my moms’ nickname from about 10 years ago. But in her defense, if Baby Girl is anything like me from the age of 17-22 then I’ll be taken on the same name, minus the Karen part. :)

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Sunday couldn’t have started any better. My wonderful ball and chain let me sleep in till 11am!! Then off to Cody’s “best friends” bounce house birthday party. Naptime at 3pm (which included me) and dinner with some great friends at 6pm. And Monday was a holiday! The kids and I hung out with my dad most of the day and then I go some me time by getting my hair cut in the evening. What a wonderful weekend! It was like Christmas all over again!


* There was only 2 things I didn’t get done on my weekly list. 1 working on Baby Girls blanket, didn’t even get a chance to touch it. 1/2 would be finishing baby shower gift, almost there though! And another 1/2 because I ran 2x not 3x. I love my lists!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just read the little What did they say comments... so stinkin funny. I love the "hella big" one and the "kick him in the nuts". Thank you for the morning chuckle. hilarious.