Wednesday, March 31, 2010


FINALLY… Little League season! Last year was Mason’s first year playing recreational baseball. The first game started out a little rocky with it being freezing cold and Mason refusing to get out of the car. But, it was smooth sailing after that! I had so much fun watching those little guys (5 and 6 years old) running around the bases with batting helmets on that weight just as much as them. They looked like miniature bobble heads! Even though he played soccer (my sport growing up) shortly after baseball season ended, I was still sad it went by so quickly. What can I say, I’m a baseball mom. I drive an SUV. :)

This season Mason moved up a level; from Rookie to Single “A”. With that came: a new coach, teammates, and rules. At this level it’s about having fun, no score keeping. GAG! Yes, I’m one of THOSE parents. Why is it so bad I want my child to win succeed?

So far it’s all working out wonderfully. Mason is having a blast and comes by it naturally. Of course he gets his athletic ability from me. LOL. Go Athletic A’s!!!

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  1. I'm one of THOSE moms too! Caden did two seasons of tball where it was all fun and no scores. Yuck! So this year we are finally in the coach-pitch level where he actually gets to learn to run more than one base, count the runs, etc! Keeping score is so much better in my opinion...everyone is not always a winner in real life. :)

    Mason looks great out there!! Glad he is having fun!!! Baseball moms unite! haha