Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Education slipping away…

I just received an email from my oldest sons’ school informing me more pink slips will be handed out within the next week. What does this mean for my sons’ school? Most likely 8 teachers plus the school librarian will be out of work by the end of the school year. Now not only do these individuals not have jobs, but the class sizes will jump from 20ish students to 30ish students.

That’s just my sons’ school, what about the other 58 schools (i could be wrong on the number, but i’m pretty close) in our district? Will thank you for asking. :) The over all is more then 1,000 certificated and classified personnel are on the verge of losing their job. A total of $60 million must be cut for the upcoming school year due to the lack of state funding.

I’m concerned, like most parents, regarding the fate of our children’s education. I try to stay positive and tell myself it’s a cycle, it’s going to get better. But the truth of the matter is… it’s not anytime soon. No one can talk, no one can agree, everyone likes to point fingers. Why can’t there be compromise? Isn’t compromise one of the many life lessons we strive to teach our children? Is it really that hard to compromise as an adult?

Bottom line… We MUST find the middle ground before our children’s future slips away.


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