Monday, March 1, 2010

Star Wars Birthday Party

I’m absolutely amazed with the technology there is today, children still love a movie from the late 70’s. This year the boys decided they wanted a Star Wars themed friends birthday party. It truly is a classic!

Normally we would have their party at the house, but it has gotten to be to much with all the kids and if it’s raining everyone having to be inside. And then course I’m playing hostess and not actually enjoying my children’s birthday party. Not fun! This year we decided to have their party at Laguna's Awesome Party Palace. The staff was wonderful, great with the kids, set-up everything, served the kids, and even cleaned up. It was by far the BEST decision ever!!

Birthday Invites:IMG_04341Darth Vader CupcakesPicture 4896 Birthday Boy #1, Mason AdamPicture 4898Birthday Boy #2, Cody BrandonPicture 4971Bounce Time

 Picture 4904 Picture 4903 Picture 4906 Picture 4929 Picture 4954 Picture 4928 Best Friends Picture 4921 Picture 4924 Party Time Picture 4957Picture 4956Picture 4988Picture 4983

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  1. What a fun party! We had Kate's party at a similar type of place & it was SOOOO easy & fun!