Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Randomness

All the random thoughts floating around in my head…

* Can I please get more time in the day? Even if it’s only an hour or two, I’ll take anything. PLEASE! I’m asking nicely.

* I really hope the kids bathroom gets finished this weekend. I can’t stand when a weekend project turns into a 3 weekend project.

* I hope Cody’s fire truck cake turns out as cute as the picture.

* Do I really have to run tomorrow? YES! Suck it up, you slacker! (That’s me yelling at myself in my head)

* What would posses someone to become a luge slider? Going more then 90 mph on a fiberglass sled isn’t appealing to me. And here is why.

* Can be anymore jammed today? Baby Girl really needs a pair of squeakers shoes. I swear!

* Valentine’s Day is over-rated.

* Guns are for protection and hunting. Not just because your having a bad day. I have bad days all the time, thank goodness I don’t own a gun. What is wrong with people? 

* Knock on wood the boys don’t get Baby Girls pink eye.

* YAY, I have Monday off for Presidents’ Day. And it’s paid!

* Why did my hand mixer have to take a dump on me while making buttercream frosting? Man, I wish I had a KitchenAid.

* Tax lady is coming Sunday, fingers crossed she has good news. Baby Girl could use a new pair of shoes. J/K ~ kinda ;)

* The boys are going to have so much fun at Disney on Ice this weekend.

* It’s going to be a good day when Adam gets his call back from PG&E for his 2nd test.

* Saturday should be a nice day for soccer practice. Practice outside, for an indoor league. Sure, whatever works.

* Everybody have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day Weekend!

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