Friday, February 5, 2010


This past week was Mason’s last week before he tracked off for a WHOLE :( month. So since his class wouldn’t be in school to celebrate his Birthday or Valentine’s Day they did it early. Which then meant I had to make treats for two different days. I’m not the type of mother that is anti treats/sweets but I’m also not the type that allows my children to eat junk all day. Like most things in life (including my politics), I do my best to find a happy medium.

Instead of making the standard size cupcake I make mini cupcakes. This way it’s less sugar just by the cupcake being smaller. Which leads to even less sugar because you are using less frosting. And I’m sure, just like my kids, most kids only like to eat the frosting. Leaving a bunch of half eaten cupcakes at the end of a party for me to eat. Ugh, wasting is bad! :)

Picture 4620

For their Valentines Day party I decided to make rice krispies treats. I colored them red and cut them into hearts using the Wilton heart shaped cookie cutter. Then I labeled red bags for each of the kids and there you go! Nothing fancy like I wanted to do, but who in their right mind doesn’t enjoy a rice krispie treat?

Picture 4625

Of course my favorite part was the left-over scraps. YUMMY!

Picture 4622

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