Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well today is Ash Wednesday, meaning Lent starts today. And even though I’m not a baptized Catholic, or even a practicing Catholic; I still participate in Lent. I know this sounds strange, and I’m sure I’ll piss some devote Catholic off, but I don’t think it offends God (cause we all know i’ve done a LOT worse). He actually is probably happy that I’m attempting to be involved with the church.

Anyways… So for Lent there are a few rules that are suppose to be followed. Now since I’m not Catholic, I go off the information I’ve gotten from my mom and grandma over the years. This year I goggled Lent rules and pretty much got the same list.

1. You must fast (1 large meal or 2 small meals, if necessary) on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

2. No meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and any other Friday during Lent.

3. Prayer

4. Lenten sacrifice

Last year I didn’t follow the daily prayer, partially because I didn’t know about it. So this year I’ve printed up a morning prayer to leave on my nightstand. As for my Lenten sacrifice, ONLINE SHOPPING. Laugh all you want, but online shopping is my vice. Just ask Bennie, my UPS driver. What is your Lenten sacrifice?


  1. Im not sure what I want to sacrifice this year. Although with Wednesday being almost over...I better make a decision soon!!!

    Online shopping was my vice when i was home from work after I had Jacie. Something was always showing up that the door. And the boys got used to it. Last night, the UPS driver showed up with diapers. ha ha. they werent too excited anymoer!

  2. J suggested I give up Facebook.... picture me rolling my eyes
    Instead I'm giving up nail polish. :)

  3. I'm not Catholic either (I am Presbyterian, but I still do lent). I am giving up all sweets/dessert/candy. It have done this the past 15 years. It is SO hard, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth :) Good luck with your Lenten sacrifice!