Monday, February 8, 2010

New Orleans Saints

WOW!! There were many "first's" this season for the New Orleans Saints. First time in franchise history this team started their season by going 13-0. First time winning the NFC Championship game, sending them to their first Super Bowl appearance. But the biggest first out of all… WINNING Super Bowl 44!!

I’ve been a Saints fan since I can remember, right around 6 or 7. I can’t actually remember if my Uncle Steve was stationed in Louisiana or if he was out visiting my mom’s side of the family there, but when he came back he brought me a New Orleans Saints shirt. Ever since then they have been the team I’ve cheered for.

I’ve stuck by them through the days when they were called the “Aints” and when fans wore brown paper bags over their heads because they were ashamed of them. As a child I would cut out newspaper articles of any game they won and post it on my tack board next to my bed. I’ve been a fan before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. I am NOT a front runner and I did NOT jump on the bandwagon this season. I AM a true and loyal “Who Dat” fan!

Who Dat Nation has risen. New Orleans Saints are no longer the “Aint’s”. They are Super Bowl Champions!! I now can cross this off of my “Things I Need to See Before I Die” list. Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

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  1. So happy your Saints won! I am a die hard 49er fan & we have had a rough 10 years. I was the only one at our Superbowl party rooting for the Saints on Sunday (and yes, it was because I left a piece of my heart in New Orleans when I did Katrina relief 4 years ago). Did you see Drew Brees on Letterman last night? It was a great interview!

  2. Thank you Mel!! The majority of my friends are 49er fans also. I know it was hard on them, but they did a great job being supportive on Sunday. Now the next time the Niners are in the Super Bowl I will be cheering them on. :) I wish I could have gone back to help after Katrina, but I was pregnant with our second son. Something about that city/state I'm drawn too. I'll youtube Letterman now (we have to live near each other). Thank You!!